Record Store Day 2014 Ambassador is Chuck D

When we get past the winter doldrums waiting for us on April 19th will be Record Store Day 2014.

This year’s Ambassador is the one, the only, the explosive Chuck D. The last time I saw him live he was lighting us up at the 200 Year Salute to the Blues. Watch his energy driven moment captured on film in, Lightning In A Bottle.

Please read Chuck D’s acceptance letter below. I love how he expresses and communicates. Congratulations Chuck D, you got it goin on!

Did we say we were honored? That word barely even covers it.

Over 27 years and 93 countries visited, as a professional lead vocalist of the RAP group Public Enemy, I don’t go one single day without emphasizing that the genre of hip-hop is spawned from DJ culture. The founding members of Public Enemy were, and still are, DJs. The tool and fuel for DJs has forever been recordings. And where these recordings have long connected, with pros and fans alike, has simply been The Record Store, the connection point of listener and the recording.

The introduction of the available recording to the public had opened and webbed the sounds of the world across the planet long before the www. It has been influential to the creators of so many of the greatest recordings as well, sort of a second rite of passage after the live radio or TV performance. Motown’s Berry Gordy had a record store, Elektra founder Jac Holzman had a record store, the STAX label had their Satellite Record Shop right next to their studio. Keith Richards opens a conversation with Mick Jagger as teenagers on a UK train platform because he had a stack of hot blues records in his arms after leaving a shop. Well you should have an idea of what I’m saying here.

The record store made musicians listen beyond themselves. It both complemented and supplemented the radio, in fact the best radio stations in the past followed the vibe of the record stores of their regions, thus growing and nurturing each other. The fans and listener had everything to gain, and if they wanted to get into making music, the Record Store turned into their first school and sonic passport out.

Do not get me wrong, I am a fan of technology, but I am a bigger fan of the music. I used to be a big fan of the industry of music when it, like sport, at least offered a seemingly fair field of play, no matter where one came from. Upon the growth of Hip Hop through vinyl-cassette-Cd-MP3 I long wanted, and advised, many Record Stores ways to adapt to surviving the ICE AGE. Like last year’s Record Day Ambassador, the great Jack White, I concur with his view that people want to gather, share thoughts, and suggest music. There’s few musical events more exciting than Record Store performances, whether it’s Grimey’s In Nashville, Criminal Records in ATL or Rough Trade in London. I’ve long thought The Record Store tour circuit is so necessary and rewarding.

In this age where industry has threaded the music sound with virtual sight and story I am honored to be called upon to be Record Store Day Ambassador of 2014. With the masses, neck bent into their smartphones, let all of us music lovers GPS our way into a reality that is the Record Store. It’s worth a great try, let’s do this…

Chuck D
Co Founder of Public Enemy
Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame 2013


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Furthering the Legacy of Gil Scott-Heron

“Our greatest enemy is our own political ignorance” – M1

Gil Scott-Heron was an effective communicator who spoke to the restless soul in the music of our hearts. I love that visionary producer Kentyah Fraser has collaborated with original Midnight Band keyboardist, composer Brian Jackson (plus others) to build on that foundation and further the legacy of Gil Scott-Heron, forefather of socially-conscious rap.

A vital recording that captures our American struggle succinctly is  Evolutionary Minded (Furthering the Legacy of Gil Scott-Heron) Kentyah, M1 & Brian Jackson & The New Midnight Band. These core musicians joined on various tracks by Dead Prez, Chuck D, Gregory Porter, Martin Luther, Killah Priest, plus poets Abiodun Oyewole (The Last Poets) and Bobby Seale (The Black Panthers and Chicago 8).

The more I listen to the tracks on this recording, the better reacquainted I become with the cause of objection and protest. My favorite track thus far is “Occupy Planet Earth” which features that raw, commanding energy of Chuck D with M1.

This video explains the structure, method and purpose of why Evolutionary Minded (Furthering the Legacy of Gil Scott-Heron)  was released. It commands my total respect as a person of conscience as it should yours and those you love.

The élite GOP party that has shut down our government should heed this message well. For we are no longer complacent about such hostage taking measures. Fight back we will and must.