The White Stripes: Under Great White Northern Lights

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Cover of Under Great White Northern Lights

The music of our heart has always been intrigued with the live concert experience known as The White Stripes. I purchased their video, The White Stripes: Under Great White Northern Lights on Amazon Instant Video today. I was motivated to do so because Consequence of Sound, the online music publication posted an influential article, “Best Ten Concert Films Since 2000” that crossed my Facebook stream.

Here is what Carson O’Shoney, Senior Staff Writer authored about the film. His sentimental words captured my soul.

Under Great White Northern Lights is one of the most emotionally touching concert films of any era. While the crew was filming The White Stripes during their Canadian summer tour of 2007, they never could have known that they would capture the band near the end of their rope. The fact that the film didn’t come out until years later– after Meg White reportedly suffered a nervous breakdown and the band went on what ended up being a permanent hiatus– only adds to its poignancy.

It’s not all emotionally charged footage, though. The live portions show the Stripes at the height of their performative prowess, and the various mini-shows in random places around Canada show their lighter side. The film remains the Jack & Meg White show throughout, as some of the most compelling footage simply comes from the duo backstage– especially the closing moments of the film. As Jack plays a version of “White Moon” on piano, he leaves Meg in tears. It’s the perfect encapsulation of one of our generation’s greatest bands near the end of their life together, simultaneously thrilling and heartbreaking. Regardless of whether or not the White Stripes ever play together again, Under Great White Northern Lights will live on as one of the best concert films of our– or any other– generation. If it truly is the end of the Stripes, we’re all lucky that we were left with this. – Copyright 2007-2014 Consequence of Sound

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