Mo’ Meta Blues, The World According to Questlove

I enjoy learning what Questlove’s intellect harvests from the dynamics of the music scene. He has logically ascended to the role of music subject matter authority.  I’d love to hang out with him and go record shopping at his favorite record store haunts.

“You have to bear in mind that [Questlove] is one of the smartest motherfuckers on the planet. His musical knowledge, for all practical purposes, is limitless.” –Robert Christgau

It’s fitting that critic Robert Christgau has reviewed Questlove’s new book, Mo’ Meta Blues, The World According to Questlove,  for his Barnes & Noble Rock & Roll & column,  “Give the Drummer Some“. They are both notable vinyl music addicts who exert major influence on our tastes.

The book cover art is reminiscent of Milton Glaser’s famous Bob Dylan poster.

The summer reading list is smartly enhanced by Questlove’s book, co-written with Ben Greenman. I need to find a copy this weekend at my local Barnes & Noble 😉 So many music books, so little time.