Donovan Appearing At The Fest for Beatles Fans

donovanWe love Donovan. We have waited patiently to see him live in concert near us. Donovan will be one of the special artists appearing at The Fest for Beatles Fans , an event I have blogged about recently. We are ticketed to attend this event. 🙂

The last time we saw Donovan live was November 12, 1971 at Madison Square Garden. It was our first big concert arena experience. There in the middle of the Garden floor sat Donovan. The stage he was perched cross-legged on slowly turned in a 360 degree fashion like a lazy susan.

Donovan’s Fest for Beatles Fans concert performances will occur in the ballrooms at the Grand Hyatt which will allow us a closer sound and visual experience.

I have listened to Donovan’s canon anticipating next month’s event. My favorite Donovan recording is Barabajagal. What’s yours?

The Real Donovan
The Real Donovan (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
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I find the music of Donovan to be a spiritual experience. He creates a peaceful and romantic feel inside the music of our heart that is beyond words.

When I began dating my wife Rosemary in February of 1969, I discovered that Donovan was an artist we both collected. Donovan’s music brings back the memories of when we first fell in love and that’s a wonderful feeling to revisit via his music.

We happily shared Donovan vinyl recordings with each other. Rosemary had the better Donovan collection. I would leave her house often in those days with The Real Donovan or Hurdy Gurdy Man tucked under my arm 🙂

I recall one of the first gifts I gave Rosemary was Donovan’s Barabajagal LP.  Our favorite song from that album was “I Love My Shirt”.

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