Buy This Fracking Album

My friend, Jason Samel of Movement Music Records asked if I would help him promote this important cause, Anti-Fracking. Thus my purpose for today’s blog post.

I have worked with Jason Samel in the past. He’s a caring, concerned guy. I supported with him and others the cause, Occupy This Album in 2102.  Happy to help out again.

This cause is environmental with major ramifications (as if Occupy and separation of the classes wasn’t…).

Hydraulic fracturing, or “fracking”, is the process of drilling and injecting fluid into the ground at a high pressure in order to fracture shale rocks to release natural gas inside. There are more than 500,000 active natural gas wells in the US.

You can pledge your support as I plan to do on the Buy This Fracking Album Pledge Music page.

I urge all my music blog readers to search the music of your heart and see if you can help this worthy cause!

There are a lot of artivists on this recording. I like the quote from Ms. Bonnie Raitt:

“As a founding member of Musicians United for Safe Energy, I feel that one of the most critical environmental issues of our time is banning fracking everywhere because it destroys our water, our communities and our planet.”

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