Ann Wilson’s Immortal and More News

One of the finest voices in classic rock music belongs to Ann Wilson of Heart.  I have received periodic mailings about a new album she is working on officially titled Immortal, which appears near completion.

The theme of Immortal focuses on various tracks originally recorded by “artists who have departed in the last several years,” Wilson notes that the album’s name emphasizes an awareness that “the artists have left us, but their expressions live in our hearts for all time.”

The artists honored on Immortal  include, Leonard Cohen, David Bowie, Tom Petty, Chris Cornell, Glenn Frey, Amy Winehouse, and Lesley Gore…

Surprise guests on the record features Jeff Beck on killer guitar!  It just so happens that Ann Wilson will be touring with Jeff Beck and Paul Rodgers this summer. Synchronicity.

Lots of new music from Ann Wilson and friends in the coming months ahead…

Heart – Beautiful Broken

These ladies so rock! Pumped to have Heart‘s 16th album, Beautiful Broken which dropped yesterday. Totally cool that James Hetfield of Metallica helps drive the title track.

Kudos to co-producers Nancy Wilson and Heart bassist Dan Rothchild love the gritty sound.

My favorite track after the first listen is “Heaven”.


the ann wilson thing! #1

the ann wilson thing ep #1

1.) for what it’s worth
2.) fool no more
3.) ain’t no way
4.) danger zone

ann wilson, lead-singer of the renowned rock group, heart, returns with her first ever solo ep, entitled the ann wilson thing! – #1.

the project features covers of such legendary artists as aretha franklin, ray charles and buffalo springfield. wilson also co-wrote an all-new original track for the ep, “fool no more”, which she describes as “a heavy blues song about bad love and the fleeting of time.”

in 2007, she released her first solo full length lp through rounder records, hope & glory, which saw her covering some of rock and roll’s greatest heroes. this new ep sees the celebrated rock & roll hall of fame inductee exploring new creative and vocal territories by using her amazing gift in passionate interpretations of blues, soul and more.

Heart in Concert at Foxwoods 10/6/12


Heart is on a roll. Their recent set of accomplishments is a testimony to the ever enduring work ethic of Ann and Nancy Wilson, their band and management team.

Heart’s impressive accomplishments include:

  1. The Strange Euphoria Box Set
  2. A new book – Kicking and Dreaming: A Story of Heart, Soul, and Rock and Roll
  3. A star in the Hollywood Walk of Fame
  4. A new studio album – Fanatic
  5. 2013 Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Nominee

We caught Heart live in concert on Saturday night at Foxwoods. It is the mercurial time for the Wilson sisters.

Heart played a fast paced  and balanced 90 minute set. They are hard rock in glorious splendor. I love how their music beckons.

Ann Wilson’s magnificent voice filled the MGM Grand Theater. Her voice is powerful, I love her delivery. She sounded vibrant and chilled me to the bone several times last night. She touched the music of our heart the most with the song”Alone”.

Nancy Wilson is a talented guitarist and vocalist. She stepped out front, very much in charge, several times during the show. She got crazy on us and that was cool to see. She high kicked and moved with amazing fluidity. She played lots of guitars, I was fascinated by her technique.

The ending song that was the most pleasant surprise was Led Zeppelin’s “Misty Mountain Hop“. Heart knocked that song out of the park. They added a dimension and reverence to this timeless classic that echoes with resonance inside of me.

Heart Fanatic Tour Set List

  1. Intro (In The Light)
    (Led Zeppelin cover)
  2. Fanatic
  3. Heartless
  4. What About Love 
  5. Mashallah
  6. 59 Crunch
  7. Even It Up 
  8. Straight On
  9. Dog & Butterfly
  10. Walkin’ Good
  11. These Dreams 
  12. Alone 
  13. Dear Old America
  14. Barracuda 
  15. Misty Mountain Hop
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