Ultimate Music Guide – Elvis Costello

I have acquired a decent collection of Uncut Magazine‘s Ultimate Music Guides. Uncut Magazine has published 23 special issues to date, I have six of their special issues (25%).

Uncut Magazine publishes a strong specialty publication because they offer an in-depth review of every album in the artist’s discography. Each album review provides TrackMarks in an insert which delineates track sequence, 1-5 star ratings, label, production information, personnel, chart position etc. It is in the lower corner of a typical two page album spread.

They also take the painstaking effort to publish live album, compilation, UK singles and rarities information. As an avid music collector I learn much more about the artist’s recorded output via the music guides. It is helpful when I want to listen to the artist’s catalogue on Spotify or my collection. I have many more facts and details to enhance the deeper interest my music historian self demands.

The latest Elvis Costello Ultimate Music Guide is informative and assuring. Elvis Costello(EC) is the #2 music artist in my collection after Santana (I own every commercial recording in the Santana catalogue…). I own 24 of EC’s recordings. I stopped purchasing his music in 2004 (Il Signo). I want to resume my EC collection beginning with The River In Paradise with Allen Toussaint right up to today (primarily the last five commercial albums). I can’t put my finger why I “cut-out” on EC’s music 10 years back. I may have reached maximum exposure but I have no real “root-cause” for why that sentiment built up inside me about his songs and acerbic wit.

The EC Ultimate Users Guide helps to rekindle my interest in his musical creativity and prolific songwriting.

I best get busy savoring the pages of this guide and pulling out all those CDs to play in the Honda ;). I’ll be writing more about Elvis Costello’s past 10 years in later music posts. Once I’ve listened intently first of course.

Before I forget to ask, What is Your Favorite Elvis Costello song? Mine is “All This Useless Beauty”.

Feel free to leave a comment about what your favorite Elvis Costello recording is below.

Queen City

“Queen City: A Rustbelt Serenade” Premieres Next MonthI happened upon this movie trailer, Queen City in my Facebook steam this afternoon and wanted to share it with my readers. It was originally shared with me by blues and soul musician, Susan Tedeschi.

Queen City was filmed entirely in Buffalo, NY by musical director of film, Peter McGennis. It celebrates the gritty struggle of two detectives and a jazz singer in the wake of the steel plant closings. The movie stars Vivica A. Fox and an incredible ensemble cast of GRAMMY winning and nominated talent including Susan Tedeschi, Allen Toussaint, Maria Muldaur, James Cotton, Sharon Jones, Average White Band, Magic Slim, Toni Lynn Washington and others.

The movie has original music compositions as well as signature tunes by the artists. I learned that Queen City premiered on the Legendary Rhythm & Blues Cruise #19 somewhere in the Southern Caribbean between October 27 to November 3, 2012.

I became further intrigued when I began to research information about the film on the InterWeb. I was expecting to find a dedicated movie Web site and a wikipedia page about the music director Peter McGennis (couldn’t find either). I quickly learned that Peter McGennis is nonconventional when it comes to using the InterWeb. I did find his motorcycle luggage company, SAC. I also found his film and music production company, Galora.

This film is due to be released sometime in calendar year 2013. When that date is revealed I will update this post with that schedule.


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