MacArthur Park Turns 45

My wife and I love to listen to Jimmy Webb in concert. He is an engaging story-teller and songwriter.

Jimmy Webb wrote, arranged, and produced “MacArthur Park” made famous by actor Richard Harris. Jimmy Webb and Richard Harris became close friends after they recorded the album, A Tramp Shining which featured the single. “MacArthur Park”.

“MacArthur Park” turned 45 years old this year and Jimmy Webb finally got to do it in the real park in the Westlake neighborhood of Los Angeles, California on Saturday June 15, 2013.

The inspiration for “MacArthur Park” was the relationship and breakup between Webb and Susan Ronstadt, a cousin of singer Linda RonstadtMacArthur Park was where the two occasionally met for lunch and spent their most enjoyable times together. At that time (mid-1965), Ronstadt worked for a life insurance company whose offices were located just across the street from the park

Webb says Beatles producer George Martin told him that “MacArthur Park” influenced the Beatles’ decision to let “Hey Jude” run beyond the 7-minute mark when they recorded it a couple of months after Harris’ record became a hit.

Now, half a century down the line, the composer believes the world is ready to hear it at least one more time.

“I have it on my new record coming out in September,” Webb said, noting that his recording for his new “Still Within the Sound of My Voice” album due Sept. 10 features a vocal arrangement by one of his musical heroes, Beach Boys creative leader Brian Wilson. – Courtesy of the LA Times

Jimmy Webb, writer of “MacArthur Park, ” opens the Levitt Pavilion season with his performance in MacArthur Park. (Francine Orr / Los Angeles Times / June 15, 2013)


Jimmy Webb, Richard Harris – Didn’t We

Cover of "Tramp Shining"
Cover of Tramp Shining

We are looking forward to seeing Jimmy Webb perform in the intimate setting of Stage One in Fairfield, Connecticut tomorrow evening 🙂

“Didn’t We” is my personal favorite song of all Jimmy Webb‘s compositions. That is not an easy choice when you consider all the great songs Jimmy Webb has written over the years.  It was first recorded on the Richard Harris‘s ABC Dunhill Records LP, A Tramp ShiningJimmy Webb wrote all the songs, arranged the musicians, and produced the entire album.” Didn’t We” was the “B” side to the hit single, MacArthur Park”.

Frank Sinatra recorded it for his My Way recording on Reprise. It has also been recorded by Johnny Mathis and Barbra Streisand.

Our favorite place to hear live music: Infinity Music Hall and Bistro

Why we love Infinity Hall!

The intimacy is wonderful. Infinity Hall was built in 1883 and Mark Twain spoke from that very stage. The architecture of the building is a cross between a Swiss chalet and a tall barn structure.

We like the fact that artists are very accessible here. We have met Stanley Jordan, Martha Davis(who was lovely to us), Dave Mason, Bill Kirchen and John Mayall. They have signed autographs for us and shared time with us as fans.

The upstairs seating on the rail is our favorite part. We can have a wonderful meal (from Infinity Bistro) and watch a concert in close proximity on the stage.

The Infinity Hall Blog

We are going there tonight to see the singer, songwriter Jimmy Webb who has written some of our most favorite songs.

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