Santana posts will be here until my website is online. (in development)

Like John Lee Hooker says, “It’s in you and it’s got to come out.”

3 Replies to “Santana”

  1. Santana percussion fans. I highly recommend that you seek out Drumhead Magazine, the May/June 2007 issue. The cover story is about Santana drummer Dennis Chambers. Its a well written article, primarily an interview with him. I have met many of the New Santana Band members just not Dennis yet. So this article was a real treat to gain valuable insight into Dennis Chambers and his drumming.
    There are also companion articles/interviews with Karl Perrazo and Raul Rekow. I met Karl and Raul from the New Santana band during the 2006 Santana All That I Am Tour. Raul was so down to earth as was Karl. Two real gentleman.
    There is also an article about Ringo Graza the drummer from Los Lonely Boys. LLB toured with the New Santana Band last year. It was cool to get a perspective on Ringo.
    Pick up a copy of Drumhead Magazine, May/June 2007 issue at a newstand near you.


  2. I just love to ruminate about Carlos Santana’s jazz inclinations. When the New Santana Band plays John Coltrane’s A Love Supreme or Miles Davis’s In A Silent Way live it is one of my favorite parts of the performance.
    I refer you to the latest issue, August 2007, of Jazz Times magazine. There is a well written article and interview with Carlos Santana by George Varga entitled “See For Miles, Carlos Santana is still jazzed after all these years”. The article covers Carlos Santana’s jazz leanings, which includes the 1972 Santana recording Caravanserai (which I am hearing is available in Digital Dolby 5.1 Surround Sound!) and the recent Santana Montreux DVDs, “Hymns for Peace and Santana/Shorter 1998”.
    There are some great quotes from Carlos in the article. I’d post them here but due to copyright permission not granted yet, I cannot.
    I plan to review more extensively the Santana Montreux DVDs here soon.
    So look for the August 2007 Jazz Times article at a newstand near you, You will see the article teaser at the top of the magazine, CARLOS SANTANA TALKS JAZZ. I picked up my issue up at Barnes & Noble, 😉
    Santana Heals,


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