Building A More Perfect Musical Brain – The Echo Nest

I continually emphasize my passionate technology interest in what The Echo Nest is accomplishing as this amazingly deft music cloud back-end. The more I discover and interpret what they are building, the more enthusiastic I get about the future evolution of music.

Just after I wrote about “The Echo Nest Moves Beyond Music Discovery” on July 16, I saw that Rolling Stone Magazine covered the significance that the $17 million funding The Echo Nest acquired is channeling into “Fanalytics,” the feature that will connect matching users who share similar musical tastes and listening patterns. It makes logical sense that Rolling Stone Magazine reported on this story since RS was involved with the launch of Spotify’s Music Application Platform . Rolling Stone Recomends is their Spotify App.

Rolling Stone Reccomends

The co-founders of The Echo Nest, Tristan Jehan (CTO) and Brian Whitman (CTO) were the in-studio guests on Boston Public Radio recently. The interview that Edgar B. Herwick III conducted with them provides valuable insight into their analysis and scientific methods. They are modest about what they are doing. They readily admit that 15 years into their project they are only beginning to develop the analytics, the semaphores for how to harness the music cloud we all interact with in the music of our heart.

I am fascinated to learn as much as I can about with where music and technology are converging. We have entered the age of Web 3.0, the Semantic Web where machine to machine total knowledge builds a highly stylized and formulaic music intelligentsia. The Echo Nest is a première example of Web 3.0 at its finest in a well conceived architectural platform.

Our Office

Stay tuned for what The Echo Nest will wrought for technology music devotees, it’s very stimulating stuff ūüėČ

Coca-Cola Music and Spotify, A Strategic Partnership

The Olympic Games begin on July 27, a scant six days from now. Coca-Cola has a long-standing history with the Olympics. They are the longest continuous sponsor of the Olympics since 1928. The world will be focused on London, England and international competition. The purpose of this blog post is to share what is known about the strategic partnership between Coca-Cola and Spotify.

The¬†London 2012 Olympic & Paralympic Games unites us all.¬†I love that music plays a strategic role in motivating us for the ¬†Olympiad. Every time I see the ¬†London Calling ¬†commercial by British Airways I bristle with anticipation. It’s raised The Clash, “The Only Band That Matters” to a new level with a new audience. Here is the UK version… (Go Team USA!)

The Olympics opening ceremony will be closed out by Paul McCartney. This video from Paul is a great tongue in cheek about the pull the plug curfew incident.

Before I digress any further about the Olympics and music, let me get back to the reason for this blog post. Yesterday we celebrated Spotify’s First Year Birthday in the U.S.A. I discovered during my research that a¬†strategic partnership has formed between Coca-Cola and Spotify.¬†I find this partnership appealing on multiple levels.

Under the terms of the agreement, Spotify will be the key underlying technology for¬†Coca-Cola Music globally, supporting the brand’s mission to give consumers universal access to music. In addition,¬†Coca-Cola¬†will integrate Spotify into its Facebook presence and Timeline, creating a seamless social music experience. This partnership takes advantage of the existing Spotify relationship with Facebook and the¬†Coca-Cola¬†Facebook audience of over 40 million fans to create a social experience that will reach millions of interconnected consumers around the world.

According to Daniel Ek, CEO of Spotify,¬†“Spotify and¬†Coca-Cola¬†both believe that music, technology and creativity can connect people around the globe.”

The main level of appeal for me is the technology initiative between the two companies. I teach an ethical hacking course and I am learning that music hack events (called hackdens, hackjams, hackathons) abound these days. The video from the Coca-Cola Press Center shows how energized Spotify & Coca-Cola and hackers got with their April 14-15 2012 hackden in New York City (if only I had known….)

The winning software development team was London Calling. The new app will be unveiled for the 2012 Olympics in London. Musicofourheart will get back to you when the app launches!

Anna Karney – Love & Respect, Left Angle Records

I have listened attentively to and been reading with great interest about the artistry of Anna Karney. Anna released her new CD titled, Love & Respect this past Tuesday July 10th. Five years in the making Love & Respect delivers to the listener a poetic work of art.


This first music blog post is designed to call your attention to Anna Karney, the Karney Band and their music.

Anna Karney has considerable talents that she focuses in the areas of interactive composition, multimedia, and sound design as President of Karney Music.

You can listen to and buy Karney’s Love & Respect on Bandcamp here.

Stay tuned to the MusicofOurHeart as I build and publish a more in-depth article\CD review later this week about the fruition of Anna Karney’s musical harvest .

Facebook Music Launches with Spotify! Yessssssssssssssssssss

Today, September the 22nd, is a big day for everyone who loves music.

I second that emotion with the music of our heart! Media share away ūüôā

Rome – 3 Dreams of Black

Tuesday May 17th, 2011 ¬†is the release date for Rome the much-anticipated collaboration between producer Brian “Danger Mouse” Burton and Italian composer Daniele Luppi. They are joined on vocals on several of the tracks by noted musician friends¬†Norah Jones¬†and Jack White. The five-year project is a tribute to Italian film composer and conductor Ennio Morricone¬†known for scoring the Clint Eastwood “Spaghetti Westerns”.

Google has created a technology collaboration to complement this¬†momentous¬†music collaboration.¬†Last week at Google’s I/O Developer Conference, the Google Creative Labs team premiered the interactive film, 3 Dreams of Black, directed by the genius mind of Chris Milk, video music director. This Chrome Experiment is breakthrough technology that ushers in the 3D Browser medium by showcasing the power of javascript and WebGL.¬†WebGL is a context of the HTML5 canvas element that enables hardware-accelerated 3D graphics in the web browser without a plug-in.

I find the technological advances of this open source project, illuminating, compelling, and a great leap forward for music video and animation. Browse over and interact with the medium. ¬†It’s exciting to witness a music video written for the Web browser.

If you really want to roll up your sleeves and immerse yourself in the code and the development it’s all there for you. Rome, 3 Dreams of Black, The Technology. Who knows you might build and upload a model? Contemplating this myself actually ūüėČ

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Shambhu: Sacred Love, Feel the Journey


We all search to find the peaceful place inside our heart and soul, where love abounds. Thanks to Shambhu and our mutual friend, Christopher Buttner at PRthatRocks I’ve happily arrived at that spiritual space in time. ¬†Its more than coincidental that Shambhu is a Sanskrit name meaning, “Source of Happiness.”

I have marveled at the sounds, textures and meditative feelings I am receiving from Shambhu’s New Age recording, Shambhu: Sacred Love, Feel the Journey.

We connect on various planes of thought, Shambhu and I. The first level of connection is spiritual. For through his music he calms the mind as our psyche tries to cope with the rapidly accelerating universe where we thrive to co-exist.

The second connection is a mutual affinity I posses with Shambhu for well stated guitarists who are a creative force in music, energy and light. I have been a long time fan of John McLaughlin and Pat Metheny. I hear the echoes and influence of these artists in Shambhu’s playing. I actually hear something more profound when I open my heart to Shambhu’s tone and resonance. ¬†I arrive at a place of renewal and spiritual awakening when I listen to Sacred Love. Shambhu’s music is ¬†the essence of the morning light ¬†unfolding the soft petals of a rose, revealing the fragrance of the flower to the joy of our senses. ūüôā

The third connection is more astral-physical. I am an instructional technologist. I have 30+ years of experience in the information technology sector, where I now teach and design instruction for the Web and the physical classroom. Shambhu is a technologist and a spiritual healer. These are the truest essences of my soul. My journey has been to become a cognoscenti in the disciplines of instructional technology, Web design and music journalism. I visualize these three disciplines in congruence. They are the zen of my work-life balance.

This is where my spirit intersects with Shambhu, a.k.a.  S. Neil Vineberg. We share a mutual affinity for spirituality and the healing power of music, transcended through technology. S. Neil Vineberg is working with a company called ThingLink, who is bringing a revolutionary collaborative digital medium to market. ThingLink provides a collaboration of technologies that lets you place a SoundCloud audio player inside your photos, connecting them to music, sounds and effects, voice annotations and narrations.

I’m not able to display what Shambhu and ThingLink¬†have achieved together in my WordPress blog post due to code restrictions on Please click on this link to see this compelling technology advancement.

These are the three reasons that¬†compell me¬†to connect deeper with Shambhu’s musical journey. I urge you to listen to his music, Sacred Love, Feel the Journey and to watch the video documentary on YouTube that articulates how each song is¬†architected. ¬†

You’re in for a rare treat. So unplug yourself from all the electronic trappings that prevent us from floating downstream and listen to Shambhu’s gift of spiritual, healing music. The happiness you have long been seeking will truly become your natural reward.



Charles Xavier, Xmas Vibe

December 4th, 2010, Charles Xavier ‚Äď ‚ÄúXmas Vibe‚ÄĚ

The Buttonwood Tree,  Middletown, Ct.

Mini-Vibraphone: Charles Xavier

Vocalist: Marcelle Gauvin

Guitar: Felix Rentschler


‚ÄúThe ear is the only true writer and the only true reader.‚ÄĚ ‚Äď Robert Frost

The Buttonwood Tree’s art-style living room created an intimate ambiance for Charles Xavier’s Christmas avant-garde compositions. The setting proved to be an eclectic backdrop for the Charles Xavier, Xmas Vibe performance on Saturday, December 4th, 2010 in downtown Middletown. The proximity to Wesleyan University, famous for its renowned world music program, lent musical credibility to the evening’s proceedings.

Charles Xavier‚Äôs Christmas CD, Xmas Vibe is a mixed media abstract expressionist work.  It contains a combination of traditional Christmas songs which are first framed and then extended through various treatments a la musique electronique (Edgar Varese).


The music format took on unique blends as the ensemble varied between Charles Xavier using a Mac Book computer for orchestral accompaniment and a primary focus with the mini-vibraphone. Charles’s role as jazz musician, composer, and arranger generated intriguing waves of energy. The various soundscapes guided the listener through new ways of interpreting old and familiar holiday classics.

Charles and his fellow musicians grounded us in such Christmas favorites as Silver Bells which allowed for the painted scenery to be enhanced with sensations‚Äô of Oriental strivings, sharply accented by Church tower bells.  It was a total sensory experience immersing audience members in layers of textured sound, allowing the mind to escape to new realms of serenity.

IMG_2668 (800x498)

Charles Xavier and his group made effective use of mixed media especially when it combined spoken poetry offset by vibraphone peels and pinpoint electric guitar riffs. The selection Round Hill featured the poetry work of French poet , Charles Baudelaire’s The Enemy (1821-1867, Paris ,France).

The renditions of Christmas songs were a savored treat. Let It Snow conjured up the vision of jazzy feel sleigh ride across new fallen snow. A highlight of the evening was the Peanuts ,Charlie Brown classic by Vince Guaraldi, Christmas Time is Here. One could just tell this was Charles favorite piece as it is mine.

Felix Rentschlers’s efforts on the guitar were soft, yet melodic, achieving an astral plane when the tonality required. The slide guitar on the Christmas hymn, Silent Night was very poignant and lifting.

The metaphor that Felix and Charles established was both complimentary and evidenced precision in their craft.

Marcelle Gauvin’s vocals were a smart, added touch and she accented the holiday songs with a nightclub jazzy essence that contributed just the right musical collaboration layer to the mix.

There were several other Christmas selections performed that evening, such as Oh Christmas Tree with a French accordion technique that literally transported us to a riverboat on the Seine. O Holy Night fit in perfectly as the standard we all know and love.

The evening ended with an original composition by Charles Xavier, entitled Christmas Day is Almost Here. A wonderful composition that is evident of the joys and merriment that Christmas brings us young and old. Fittingly this selection closed out the evening as we thanked our musical trio, our host, Anne-Marie Cannata of The Buttonwood Tree and headed out into the mist of a New England holiday evening.