Deezer Study, ‘Recommended Daily Allowance’ for Music

Deezer continues to impress with their efforts in cloud music. Try giving yourself anywhere from 5-78 minutes of music a day to improve your happiness and well-being.


Source: One Music Serving a Day Keeps the Blues Away – Deezer Press

What is Sony 360 Reality Audio and how does it work? – Pocket-Lint

Sony has been busy this month with several 360 Reality Audio strategic announcements. This article does not reference the Sony Xperia 1 smartphone product announcement (10/22). Sony just announced an addition to their XPERIA line specifically for 360 Reality Audio and Headphone Connect (see previous link).

This Pocket-Lint article provides one of the better explanations I have read as to how the technology operates and functions.

I hope to gain further in-depth knowledge from projected product demonstrations at Sony Square in New York City next week. Look for a Sony 360 Reality Audio analysis update (barring any unseen schedule conflicts) soon.


Sony has just announced its latest audio innovation.It’s called Sony 360 Reality Audio. A bit of a mouthful, right? Read on to find out everything you

Source: What is Sony 360 Reality Audio and how does it work? – Pocket-l

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