Giudizio Universale. Michelangelo and the Secrets of the Sistine Chapel

My soul is in awe and wonder of the depth of this visual, interactive masterpiece. My Catholic faith ascends another level of spiritual connection from the magnificent breadth of this production.

“Giudizio Universale. Michelangelo and the Secrets of the Sistine Chapel”, the long-running show produced by Artainment Worldwide Shows, had its debut on March 15th  2018 at the Auditorium Conciliazione in Rome.

The Sistine Chapel is the absolute protagonist. One of the most incredible places in world art history is at the center of a show born from the contamination of many different artistic forms: the physical action of the theatrical performance meets the intangible magic of special effects, the advanced technology is at the service of a story made by words and images never seen before. The 270° immersive projections take the viewer to the very center of the event.

The show created by Marco Balich, with the co-direction of Lulu Helbek, brings together some of the greatest international talents in the world of music, theatre, video production to offer the public a unique sensorial journey, an emotional experience that has as main protagonist one of the most important and admired places of the world: the Sistine Chapel.

Created with the scientific advice of the Vatican Museums, “Giudizio Universale” features the most advanced technology of live entertainment and a theme song by Sting. Internationally acclaimed actor Pierfrancesco Favino (“Angels & Demons”, “A Night at Museum”) performs the voice of Michelangelo Buonarroti in both the Italian and the English version of the show.

Tickets available here

Joshua Tree to the Power of Three

There is a saying, “Good Things Come In Threes”. The power of three was my revelation today. My first Joshua Tree interaction was today’s Momentum backdrop in the Google Chrome Browser. The second interaction was notification of the online tickets sale for the U2 Joshua Tree Tour. I flashed on how my son and I had seen the U2 2001 Elevation Tour which kicked off my attending 300+ concerts in 15 subsequent years. The third Joshua Tree interaction was to discover Childish Gambino’s collaboration with Microsoft in the desert.

I have to say what Childish Gambino, Microsoft, and Wolf + Rothstein have accomplished together is totally compelling. It will become my entrance ramp into Virtual Reality. The Microsoft Music x Technology ushers in the interactive, VR, immersive entertainment experience. I urge you to download the Pharos.Earth iPhone/Android app and if you don’t have a mobile VR headset, plug headphones into your smart phone for the fullest immersion. It is a 360 app that takes you to the Joshua Tree at night to witness Childish Gambino and his band performing “Me and Your Mama” Live. I loved holding my iPhone 6 listening through Beats headphones staring up at the stars in the Desert Sky.

Visit the Microsoft News page to learn more about how this innovative collaboration project innovates through artist and fan with audio/visual immersion.   As a music technologist, I am encouraged by what the Microsoft Music X Team is accomplishing.

I am interested in Childish Gambino’s Vinyl edition Box Set of Awaken, My Love for it contains:
exclusive booklet
-2 180 gram 45 RPM LPs
– a Virtual Reality headset
instructions to get access to exclusive virtual reality live performances from the PHAROS Experience

Told you this was the year of Vinyl 😉

Moonalice, 420 Gathering of the Tribe 2014

I want to share some vital information with my readers about a band I really care about and have always felt a close synergy with, Moonalice

Moonalice plays psychedelic roots-rock. They have a tremendous command of technology especially with how they use the Web to give interactive concert experiences.

Their single “It’s 4:20 Somewhere” has been downloaded over 4.6 million times!!!

What I love the most about Moonalice is how they mesh poster art with their shows. I belong to TRPS, The Rock Poster Society and I have several rock posters that adorn my walls at home. I even have a Moonalice poster in my collection from The Gathering of The Vibes.

Moonalice published on YouTube last week a very cool video that gives you a tremendous sense of how Moonalice publishes art and music for everyone’s appreciation. ‘Moonalice 420 Gathering of the Tribe 2014’ is a short film by the inimitable Jay Blakesberg and Alex Fischer featuring Moonalice posters, select artists and their inspiration.

As luck would have it Moonalice is going to be in my neck of the woods, Connecticut. They will be appearing at one of our favorite venues Infinity Hall in Norfolk, Ct. on July 31st.

I urge you to come out and see them perform. You can always count on a free poster of the event by the end of the evening 🙂

Moonalice - Bottlerock 5/30/14

Moonalice Is:

John Molo: Drums, Vocals. (Bruce Hornsby & The Range, John Fogerty, Phil Lesh & Friends, The Other Ones, David Nelson Band).

Barry Sless: Lead Guitar, Pedal Steel Guitar, Bass. (Phil Lesh & Friends, David Nelson Band, Kingfish, Cowboy Jazz).

Roger McNamee: Rhythm Guitar, Vocals, Bass. (Guff, The Engineers, Random Axes, Flying Other Brothers)

Pete Sears: Bass, Keyboards, Guitar, Vocals (Sam Gopal Dream, Rod Stewart, Jefferson Starship, Jerry Garcia, Hot Tuna, John Lee Hooker, David Nelson Band, Phil Lesh & Friends).

Big Steve Parish: Road Scholar/Medicine Man/Storyteller. (Grateful Dead crew for 26 years, co-founder of Jerry Garcia Band)

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TomorrowWorld is Wow!

I discovered this event this morning, it’s called TomorrowWorld.  I love music festivals and this one is off the hook. It is an exciting, immersive experience where you can groove and dance to the music of our heart’s content.

TomorrowWorld is the first international edition of Tomorrowland, one of the world’s most popular electronic music festivals. It is taking place right now in Chattahoochee Hills, GA – September 27-28-29

Tomorrowland was held this past July in Boom, Belgium. Here is the official 2013 aftermovie with its incredible vibe. It has over 15 million views on YouTube!

Sending you all energy in Chattahoochie, Georgia for TomorrowWorld Day 3!  For those of us who aren’t there  in person but definitely there in spirit you can tune into TomorrowWorld TV Live on YouTube sponsored by Motorola MotoX and catch the event there.


Marvel Comics – Project Gamma – Intelligent Audio

I am writing a music book about live music. My goal is to publish the book digitally with Apple’s iBook. I envision the reader immersed in an interactive multimedia reading experience. The idea of adaptive or intelligent audio that Marvel Comics Labs announced approximates what I envision for an interactive digital book. I am on the hunt for iBook authoring and Adobe digital publishing tools to carry out just the right interactive reading/listening sensory form factor.

Project Gamma from Marvel Comics is closer to the vision I have in mind for my book. Each comic will be infused with a soundtrack meant to absorb readers in the story.

A new 13-chapter story about Wolverine will be featured in Marvel’s Infinite mobile comics, with new chapters weekly.

The SXSW Interactive Festival 2013 in Austin, Texas is the announcement stage for intelligent audio from Marvel. Project Gamma was created in partnership with two agencies 1) music company CORD Worldwide and 2) Momentum Worldwide.


Love This Giant Tour – Beacon Theatre NYC – 9/26/12


We saw the David Byrne and St. Vincent (Annie Clark) Love This Giant Tour Wednesday evening 9/26/12 at the beautifully restored Beacon Theatre in New York City.

Photography By Pablo Frisk

The concert far exceeded our expectations. David Byrne and St. Vincent were accompanied by an eight piece brass band with a drummer and an electronics player.  The concert is visually enhanced by shaded lighting in turn accented by the choreography of Annie-B Parson (Big Dance Theater). She re-imagined the band as a dance troupe; thus, along the horns, Byrne and Clark became just two more members of the night’s dance company

Photograph by Catalina Kulczar, Copyright 2012

The dance troupe kicked the festivities off with Love This Giant‘s initial track “Who“. We were quickly engaged by that infectious beat tightly coupled with the sensory lyrics.

The two-hour concert (which includes two encores) offers David Byrne & St. Vincent band songs, the much clamored for David Byrne/Talking Heads songs, and the hauntingly brilliant St. Vincent songs. The counter balance of this song mix captivates the listener as does the ever-moving musicians. The fluid motion of 12 people on stage is never boring or repetitive. Ever since David Byrne worked with Twyla Tharp on Catherine’s Wheel his live concerts incorporate dance and choreography. We fell in love with this idiom when we saw the first leg of  the Songs of David Byrne and Brian Eno Tour in 2008. It became our avowed aim to see David Byrne live again and this is what motivated us to attend the Love This Giant Tour. 

There were several moments during the concert that exhibited great fun juxtaposed with just the right techno experimentation  One such highlight was the Star Wars like dueling light saber technique that David and Annie performed sharing the waves of the theremin on “Northern Lights”.

Photograph by Catalina Kulczar, Copyright 2012

David Byrne has a great stage presence and I love his flippant, intellectual nature. He had us laughing when he spoke about how he catalogs his music recordings, fiction and non-fiction.

It was difficult to isolate which of the Love This Giant recording live performances was my favorite. I’ve narrowed it down to “I Am An Ape”, “Lazarus”, and “Outside of Space and Time”.

The night would have not been complete without the Talking Heads, “Burning Down The House”.

We left this concert more amazed than ever by David Byrne. We gained a new appreciation for the music and guitarmanship of St. Vincent. We won’t think of brass band music as we did before, one-dimensional, it now has a new, vibrant multi-dimension in our psyche. Thank you David Byrne, Annie Clark and the band, what a phenomenal evening of multimedia techno romp.


Coachella 2012, the High Tech Music Festival

The Coachella Festival being held in the California desert in two parts begins tomorrow. Weekend 1 is April 13-15.

There is strong high tech participation for this event. Google will be streaming the event live on YouTube on the Web. I received an email from Google Play offering free music from Coachella All-Stars.

Coachella attendees are encouraged to bring their Apple iPads to the event. There is of course an Official Coachella 2012 iPad App available.

Digital Publishing and The Beatles:The Ultimate Album By Album Guide

Digital publishing is readying for a justifiable volcanic explosion. The tablet device is the platform that will usher in rich, interactive digital publishing solutions. Maybe you are reading this blog post as I am on an Apple iPad 😉 Next week Apple will be hosting a major education market announcement in New York City regarding electronic textbooks. “The revolution will not be televised.” Rather it will be available to you to you in real time via the cloud. Just think no more late book shipments….

An interesting multimedia application for the Apple iPad for Beatles fans is available from Rolling Stone Magazine and Apple iTunes. The Beatles: The Ultimate Album by Album Guide. With a little help from their friends at Managing Editor Inc. MEI, an Adobe® premier development partner and a leading provider of software solutions for publisher.

MEI is playing a key role as a gold level reseller for Adobe’s Digital Publishing Suite solution. It also helps that MEI supports and resells the vjoon K4™ Cross-Media Publishing Platform. The vjoon K4™ Cross-Media Publishing Platform is a versatile, powerful system that lets you deliver content to any output channel — print, online, iPad, iPhone and other digital formats. The vjoon K4™  is the major solution that is driving the digital publishing direction for leading publishers today.

I purchased The Beatles: The Ultimate Album by Album Guide for my wife, Rosemary. Rosemary is the most devout Beatles fan in the family. She is also the most avid iPad user. We looked at the app while playing The Beatles Stereo Box Set (Audio CD). The combination adds a vivid dimension to the listening context.

The track by track listings are pointed and helpful. The vital stats in the insert box provide a quick reference for each recording. I especially love the photographs that accompany each album.

My favorite section is “The Beatles Albums by the Numbers” its an infographic that is thought provoking.

I believe this technology to be the early adopter edition of how Rolling Stone Magazine will be utilized on an Apple iPad. I anticipate more innovation including interaction with digital publishing when Apple releases the iPad 3 this year. Perhaps that is when Rolling Stone Magazine will go live with their cloud subscription. Stay tuned as we all have more to discover in 2012. 😉 All together now…

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