Rome – 3 Dreams of Black

Tuesday May 17th, 2011  is the release date for Rome the much-anticipated collaboration between producer Brian “Danger Mouse” Burton and Italian composer Daniele Luppi. They are joined on vocals on several of the tracks by noted musician friends Norah Jones and Jack White. The five-year project is a tribute to Italian film composer and conductor Ennio Morricone known for scoring the Clint Eastwood “Spaghetti Westerns”.

Google has created a technology collaboration to complement this momentous music collaboration. Last week at Google’s I/O Developer Conference, the Google Creative Labs team premiered the interactive film, 3 Dreams of Black, directed by the genius mind of Chris Milk, video music director. This Chrome Experiment is breakthrough technology that ushers in the 3D Browser medium by showcasing the power of javascript and WebGL. WebGL is a context of the HTML5 canvas element that enables hardware-accelerated 3D graphics in the web browser without a plug-in.

I find the technological advances of this open source project, illuminating, compelling, and a great leap forward for music video and animation. Browse over and interact with the medium.  It’s exciting to witness a music video written for the Web browser.

If you really want to roll up your sleeves and immerse yourself in the code and the development it’s all there for you. Rome, 3 Dreams of Black, The Technology. Who knows you might build and upload a model? Contemplating this myself actually 😉

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