Sting – 57th & 9th

Sting is such a New Yorker now. He had a wonderful Broadway play that we saw, The Last Ship. It’s great to see him honoring New York City and its fantastic recording studios.

Prince, David Bowie, climate change and the refugee crisis spark Sting’s first record in 17 years. “57th & 9th,” named after the intersection the 64-year-old crosses every day to get to the studio, was recorded in just four months and features his touring drummer Vinnie Colaiuta and guitarist Dominic Miller, and Jerry Fuentes and Diego Navaira of the Tex Mex band the Last Bandoleros. Metro meets The Police’s former frontman at Cherrytree Music Company in Beverly Hills to chat about the ever-changing musicscape, social issues and the cold tingle he got while penning one of the songs for his new album, which drops on November 11.


The Last Ship – Sting Joins The Cast

Sting has joined the cast  of The Last Ship  that’s icing on the cake.

The Last Ship, “Is set in the English seaside town of Wallsend, a close-knit community where life has always revolved around the local shipyard and the hardworking men construct magnificent vessels with tremendous pride. But Gideon Fletcher dreams of a different future. He sets out to travel the world, leaving his life and his love behind. When Gideon returns home many years later, he finds the shipyard’s future in grave danger and his childhood sweetheart engaged to someone else. This love triangle ignites just as the men and women of Wallsend take their future into their own hands and build a towering representation of the shared dream that defines their existence. And in the end Gideon comes to understand that he had indeed left behind more than he could have ever imagined.”

I started listening to Sting’s Deluxe Edition of The Last Ship in addition to the PBS Great Performances, Sting:The Last Ship.

Tomorrow, December 15th The Last Ship Original Broadway Cast Recording becomes available. A full musical exploration of The Last Ship will now ensue.


Once Upon A Dream – The Rascals, Mohegan Sun Casino Arena, 8/30/13

My favorite American rock and roll band is The Rascals. They are the band of my youth. I bought every LP they recorded. When I look back The Rascals dominated my collection and hi-fi phonograph 🙂

Thanks to Steven Van Zandt and his wife Maureen, The Rascals are performing together once again in the BioConcert, Once Upon A Dream.

My wife and I were fortunate to see the inception of The Rascals BioConcert at the rock hall we’ve always loved, The Capitol Theatre in Portchester, NY on December 15, 2012. It was an incredible night to see our heroes performing together. Off to our left was Steven Van Zandt absorbed in watching the production. He is the ultimate fan and his influence with the four Rascals was instrumental in their reformation.

We are excited to have a second opportunity to see The Rascals in Once Upon A Dream for free by invitation at Mohegan Sun Casino Arena. It is a rewarding feeling to receive this honor especially when Mohegan Sun is our number one concert venue. We have seen more concerts at Mohegan Sun than anywhere else.  The Capitol Theatre is our second most attended venue  and where our love affair with rock music took root 😉

American Idiot – Green Day

American Idiot The Musical is coming to the Shubert Theatre in New Haven, CT for a limited engagement next month, May 3-5, 2013. Thinking about going.

Have any of my music blog readers seen this Green Day play? Any comments, thoughts about the musical are greatly appreciated.

I would love to have seen Billie Joe Armstrong perform in this musical live on Broadway.


David Bowie – The Stars (Are Out Tonight)

We absolutely love David Bowie. We especially enjoy David Bowie the actor.

We had the rare opportunity to see David Bowie in the title role in the Broadway theater production The Elephant Man in 1980. It was an amazing performance to witness as David Bowie wore no special makeup. He contorted his body to resemble the Elephant Man. Bowie was so adept at this technique that you believed right from the first scene that’s who he resembled.

“London Hospital of 1886–a doctor ponders Merrick’s appalling case. As the slide show proceeds, a small scrim is swept aside, and there, wearing nothing but a rough cloth diaper, all wax-white skin and elegant bone, arms and legs extended as though tacked to a zodiac, stands David Bowie. Wordless and unmoving, he is nevertheless an electric presence. As the doctor details the particulars of Merrick’s affliction–an incurable infestation of bone, skin and nerve tumors known as multiple neurofibromatosis—Bowie’s sleek frame starts to sag and wither. His arm stiffens, his leg droops and curls, his spine crooks outward, and his head begins to bobble benignly. Provided with a cane and a tattered cloak, the character is complete, and as Bowie hobbles off downstage, every eye in the house stays on him.

Now, in 2013, David Bowie has released his second music video from The Next Day, “The Stars (Are Out Tonight)”. I have to say its engaging to watch and hear as David Bowie possesses a captivating screen presence.

Witness for yourself, if you haven’t seen it yet that is 😉

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