Johnny Winter – Roots

Johnny Winter_3553
Image by Dutch Simba via Flickr

Loading image ...You forget how good Johnny Winter is until you spin up his music. Then it hits you like a full force Texas tornado.

I had written awhile back that Johnny Winter was working on a new album in Stamford, Ct. Roots is the name of the Johnny Winter CD that was released on September 27th, 2011.  I picked it up today on Apple iTunes and brought it down from iCloud to my iPhone sound system in the car.

It celebrates the blues icons who led the way for Winter. Plenty of great guest stars to appreciate as listed on the poster below.

Johnny Winter’s vocals are strong throughout especially when they are accented by his trademark growl. His guitarmanship is as phenomenal as ever. My early favorite tracks are “Bright Lights,  Big City” which is a duet with Susan Tedeschi and “Dust My Broom” with her husband Derek Trucks.

My hat’s off to producer Paul Nelson who is doing great things for Johnny Winter’s career and for his long time fans.

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Blues Spotlight – Beth Hart

So much music, so little time. I learned today of a new blues musician by the name of Beth Hart. I wanted to share her musicianship with you.

The Beth Hart Band début recording Immortal was issued in 1996, 15 years ago.  The track on this album that caught my ear is “Isolation”. The guitar work by Jimmy Khoury coupled with Beth Hart’s compelling, gritty vocals will have you hitting repeat play.

Beth Hart - Immortal

Beth Hart is best known for the tune, “LA Song (Out of This Town)” from her second album, Screaming for My Supper. It was a memorable backdrop of a principal show during the last season of Beverly Hills, 90210.

Beth has been working diligently to perfect her craft and increase the recognition she deserves. Her belief in her musical vision is starting to pay off.

Her latest recording is a collection of soul covers with guitarist Joe Bonamassa, Don’t Explain. It was released just six weeks ago and its selling very well according to the blues charts. The synergy of Joe Bonamassa and Beth Hart speaks to the blues soul inside of each of us.

Memory Motel – The Rolling Stones (Black and Blue)

Cover of "Black & Blue"
Cover of Black & Blue

Always loved this song….Memory Motel by The Rolling Stones from the album Black and Blue.

It is a significant song as it is one of the few which feature both Jagger and Richards sharing lead vocals. The song itself runs an epic length of over seven minutes, one of the longest songs by the Rolling Stones. [1]

Harvey Mandel plays electric guitar while Wayne Perkins performs acoustic. Jagger, Richards, and Billy Preston play concert piano, electric piano, and string synthesizer on the song, respectively. Preston also contributes backing vocals along with Ron Wood, who would eventually become the Stones’ lead guitarist. The song was recorded in Munich, Germany at Musicland Studios in March and April 1975. Overdubs and re-recordings were performed later in the year. (Courtesy of Wikipedia)

Tedeschi Trucks Band/Scrapomatic, The Klein, Bridgeport, Oct. 29th

Jazzed that The Fairfield Theatre Company has booked the Tedeschi Trucks Band along with Scrapomatic. The concert takes place Saturday October 29th at The Klein Memorial Auditorium in Bridgeport, Ct.

What I am even more pleased about is that the concert tickets were $50 each for FTC members. Just last Friday Ridgefield Playhouse charged $127 each for the same seats to see Tedeschi Trucks Band live. We are saving $77 a ticket and did I also mention we’re getting two bands that night, Hey Now!

Thanks Fairfield Theater Company for charging the right price for us members. Keeping music affordable in these dire economic times speaks to your commitment to us the music buying public. We attend thirty+ concerts a year and appreciate a value when we see one!

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Jim Capaldi &Traffic

This morning I received an interesting e-mail from Genesis Publications. They are a limited edition, specialty music book publisher from England that “produce lushly designed rock photo books.” – N.Y. Times

I received advance notification of a book title of keen interest to my music collection.  Mr. Fantasy, The Lyrics of Jim Capaldi. I greatly admire and respect, Jim Capaldi the backbone of Traffic.

There was a time in my life (1968-1971) where the only two bands that mattered were Jethro Tull and Traffic. I was a fervent fan of these two English music groups. I went to their live concerts at the Fillmore East and the Capitol Theatre in Portchester, N.Y. 

I even bought an exact replica of the stars shirt that Steve Winwood is wearing on stage in this photograph. It caught him by surprise that I was wearing that same shirt in the audience (7th row center) on the evening that this set list was based upon. Notice that Scott Muni introduces Traffic that night 😉 (A correction to the dates of these recorded June shows, they were June 26 & June 27 ,1971, I know I have the ticket stubs to prove it!)

File:WNEW1027.pngTraffic was a special group with a magical mix of musicians. I learned about Traffic by listening to the radio show, Things From England that Scott Muni hosted on WNEW-FM102.7 on Friday afternoons. WNEW-FM, a Metromedia affiliate out of New York City had a major influence on my musical tastes. WNEW-FM’s progressive rock format created an intellectual music platform that we devoutly followed all hours of the day and night.

My favorite Traffic album is Traffic (1968).

File:Traffic (album).jpg