Van Morrison – Three Chords And The Truth

Van Morrison’s new album, Three Chords And The Truth will be released on Exile/Caroline International on CD, Vinyl and Digital Download October 25th 2019.

The first track from the album, Dark Night of The Soul was released online everywhere today (Wednesday 18th September). Listen here

Three Chords And The Truth features the tracks:

  1. March Winds In February
  2. Fame Will Eat The Soul
  3. Dark Night Of The Soul
  4. In Search Of Grace
  5. Nobody In Charge
  6. You Don’t Understand
  7. Read Between The Lines
  8. Does Love Conquer All?
  9. Early Days
  10. If We Wait For Mountains
  11. Up On Broadway
  12. Three Chords And The Truth
  13. Bags Under My Eyes
  14. Days Gone By