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I am considering a shift in the MusicOfOurHeart to focus exclusively on music books. I was asked for the first time to review a new music book by a leading publisher last month. They sent me the hard copy edition which I am reading and enjoying. I wonder how much closer I would be in completing this book review if I was reading the eBook edition on my iPad?

I have a couple of music book projects in development. The plan is to (self)publish these works as eBook titles with integrated Web linking. Everyone is reading more HTML5 content with Web eyeballs. That’s where my eBook content needs to be.

I work with eBooks every day in the technology curriculum I manage for my employer.  We are an eBook centrist learning institute, with VitalSource.

The WordPress 5.0 Gutenberg Editor is imminent which will make adding rich content for WordPress authors a simple and enjoyable taskPublishing an eBook on the WordPress platform is the likely route for me to pursue. is a popular ebook retailer with a reputation for innovation, integrity, and independence. They sell ebooks direct to millions of consumers around the world, with five local sales portals in the US, Canada, UK, Europe and Australia.


I like the fact that they sell 11,341 music eBooks. eBooks now serve as my primary music eBook resource.

I dislike the usability I encounter on their site. I can only display 11 music books at a time. This translates to over 1,000 screens to see all the music books they offer. I can use the subcategory feature to view Jazz books which are featured on 44 screens. Either way that’s a lot of clicking. It becomes an arduous task to build a music book wishlist on their site. I wish eBooks would redesign their Web site and increase the usability and user experience. I have been in contact with user support about this issue but they don’t design the site.

There are many eBook readers available. eBooks offer a guide to eBook readers.

Are you reading more eBooks than printed books? Let me know in your reply.




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