Livingston Taylor – Life Is Good

Award Winning Director Tracey Anarella has teamed up with Livingston Taylor to create a compelling documentary about Livingston, his life, his career and his unique and amazing teachings at the Berklee College of Music!

The film, “Livingston Taylor – Life Is Good” shows Livingston Taylor as the unique one-off that he is. Equal parts Mark Twain, WC Fields, college professor, and musical icon – an icon who is a large part of America’s first music family, one part iconoclastic and beloved professor giving back to the music that nurtured him, and most importantly, a man whose life is testament to the concept that ‘Life IS Good’.

An airplane-flying, motorbike-riding, singing-guitar/piano-man, dead set on enriching the world he inhabits. Liv represents a unique type of modern guide about how one’s life could be a very good life by being inquisitive, smart, and grabbing life by its collar and never letting go. Indeed, there is no one like Liv.

Pleased to share that the documentary “Livingston Taylor – Life Is Good” has been a part of or accepted to the following awards with awards and nominations!

  • Amsterdam International Film Festival: The Van Gogh Award for the Feature Documentary category
  • Amsterdam International Filmmakers Festival: Official Selection and Tracey Anarella and Peter Fish nominated for Best Editing in a Feature Documentary; Tracey Anarella nominated for Best Director in a Feature Documentary
  • Woods Hole Film Festival: Official Selection
  • Jogja International Film Festival: Award of Merit for a Feature Documentary
  • Jakarta Film Festival: Official Selection
  • Central Java Film Festival: Official Selection
  • The Bali Film Festival: Official Selection
  • The Jogya Kartha Film Festival: Official choice
  • Asbury Park Movie and Film Festival: Official Selection
Upcoming Screenings – (More to follow as they are announced)

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