MusicLink Up, The Future of Music Networking

I joined MusicLink Up because it effectively connects the world’s music professionals. The professional network platform launched a few days ago on July 2nd.

MusicLinkUp is a LinkedIn derivative. It’s a smart software reuse emphasizing the value of the semantic Web professional network architecture.  The system is designed to increase the economic opportunity for all members.

I hope to reach more music blog followers by participating in various collaboratives. The plan is to leverage the MusicLinkUp platform to further various music technologist objectives in development.

Billed as The Future of Music Networking. It is purported to be trusted by every sector of the music industry imaginable with 2.6 million music professionals worldwide. Quite frankly, I find that number to be a conservative estimate which MusicLinkUp’s subscriber base will substantiate as it is adopted.

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The conglomerate holdings company behind SIRIUS XM, JCM Holdings is responsible for the launch of this valuable music networking platform.

The mission of MusicLinkUp is simple: Create a level playing field where all of the world’s music professionals have equal opportunity to make the right connections, be more productive, successful and prosperous.

The company has a diversified business model with revenue expected from Premium Subscriptions and Strategic Marketing Solutions. Founded in 2014, MusicLinkUp is headquartered in New York with offices in India, London, and the Philippines.


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