Music for Installations by Brian Eno

I love knowing this level of detail. Eno is a total genius.

MFI Vinyl3

The box set (Deluxe and Standard CD editions, Vinyl set) that some of us have been waiting for, for decades. This is a retrospective of one of modern electronic music’s most significant maestros, here is Brian Eno‘s Music for Installations (Opal Records). And happy birthday to him, a septuagenarian just today in fact. The collection was just released this month, and most of the work included on these half dozen discs is previously unreleased, some new while others have been derived from a/v presentations at the Venice Biennale, St. Petersburg’s Marble Palace, Beijing’s Ritan Park and illuminating the sails of the Sydney Opera House. The set is a great cross section of Eno’s in-situ soundworks created since the mid 80’s through today. From the ethereal Kazakhstan to the subliminal Surbahar Sleeping Music the original ambient experimenter par excellence delivers some incredible moody, situational pieces that are as dramatic…

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