Don McLean’s Botanical Gardens

Don McLean has released a new album Botanical Gardens. It is his 19th studio album and first in 8 years.

The inspiration for the project started years ago when I would walk in the beautiful gardens in Sydney Australia near the Opera House. I would dream young dreams and it was a comfort and an inspiration. I was always young inside like we all are, and I felt it again there. – Don McLean

Don McLean recently conducted an interview where he discusses the depth and purpose of the songs on Botanical Gardens.  It’s noteworthy to hear an artist share their muse. I am struck to learn that Don McLean is not a set list focused artist and that he reinvents himself on stage each night.

Being of similar age and temperament I am mindful of what Don McLean is saying about the passage of time. His personal reflections echo my sentiments. I found his words a comfort and a blessing.

Don McLean Electronic Press Kit Interview – Interview conducted by and shoot directed by Bob Sarles. DP: Craig Spirko. Audio and media management by Jack Morris.

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