The Greatest Showman Movie and The Barnum Museum


The Greatest Showman Original Soundtrack was the number one album on the Billboard charts for three straight weeks. The film’s anthem song, “This Is Me” won the Golden Globe award for Best Original Song-Motion Picture.  The song was nominated this week for an Academy Award in the Music (Original Score) category.

I saw the movie last week. It was magnificent. Hugh Jackman took on a whole new dimension from actor to “showman”, singer and dancer. His portrayal of P.T. Barnum was breathtaking. You must see this film. Like an audience member said at the end, “That was beautiful.” We laughed in total agreement.


I live very close to the Barnum Museum in Bridgeport, Connecticut. It is the only museum dedicated to the life P.T. Barnum. It contains a 1,000-square-foot (93 m2) miniature replica of his circus handcrafted by William Brinley and including 3000 miniature figures.

The museum was severely damaged by a tornado eight years ago. As a result of this tragedy, the Barnum Museum is looking towards the future with an emboldened plan. Rebuilding will include protection from future catastrophes and the opportunity to rearchitect the Barnum museum as a more “immersive” experience. I am excited about the Barnum Museum evolution. Use the Web link in the previous paragraph to witness what I am so jazzed about here.

The Greatest Showman movie crew visited the Barnum Museum last year and I read about what a positive experience this was for both the museum staff and the crew. They received a special screening and a strong bond was formed. I believe the museum is benefitting from the success of the movie as it should. My perception is that more people visit the museum Web site and that in-person museum visits have increased.

I believe and support the museum’s future. I made a donation and perhaps some of my readers will be inclined to do the same. After all don’t we all love to be entertained by the greatest showman on earth?




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