Santana Rynearson Stadium

I am usually leery of artist “bootleg” or non-official recordings. They typically lack the production results I want.  My music collection is  99% official commercial music releases.

My niece gave me a wonderful Christmas gift surprise this year. The vinyl recording, “Santana Rynearson Stadium, Ypsilanti MI, 25-05-75”. I had never seen or heard of this live recording. I was happily stunned 🙂

Klondike Records has done Santana and the listener justice. This recording is based on a King Biscuit Flower Hour radio broadcast. It is Digital Remastered and pressed onto 180 Grade vinyl. It sounds great on my Audio Technica turntable.

Santana was the headline act that day with Special Guest Stars, Peter Frampton’s Camel, and Lynard Skynard.




13 Replies to “Santana Rynearson Stadium”

  1. Like you I’m not into bootlegs! I’m glad its turned out well! I love santana! not obly his music but his standing on world peace and harmony! He’s a good man as well as a great artist!

      1. I can read music to a degree but would like to be more fluent. I trust you can read sheet music. Be open to tonality, ideas, listen with your feelings and emotions, for starters.

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