Gregg Allman – Southern Blood

When I think of the blues I hear the trademark sound of Gregg Allman’s voice swirling with a Hammond B3 Organ and Leslie speakers.

I was curious about the origin of Gregg’s love of the blues. During an interview in Keyboard Magazine in 2011, Gregg spoke about the first exposure he and his brother Duane experienced with blues music.

“We used to listen to this radio station called WLAC, which broadcasted from Gallatin, Tennessee. There was this DJ called “Big John R.” He’d play Muddy Waters, Howlin’ Wolf, Sonny Boy Williamson, Lightnin’ Hopkins, all of ’em. That was really our first taste of the blues. We listened to that show religiously.”

The blues giants had a powerful imprint on Gregg’s career. I am grateful for The Allman Brothers exposing me to the rich heritage of the Southern blues.

I was curious about what Gregg Allman has been up to since The Allman Brothers retired at the end of 2014.  Happily, there will be a new Gregg Allman studio album, Southern Blood available on March 29th.

Southern Blood produced by Don Was and due to be released on Rounder Records. Join the Gregg Allman mailing list to learn more information. Preorders for CD and vinyl editions are available on the Gregg Allman Store now.

5 Replies to “Gregg Allman – Southern Blood”

  1. Dan Rather has a show called The Big Interview and I just saw one this weekend with Gregg. It was pretty good but I didn’t learn a lor new. Still, always good to hear brother Gregg talk. If you don’t get AXS cable, you can always peruse them online and buy any episode for 2 bucks. First episode I ever saw of this series with Crosby, Stills, Nash.

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    1. I happened to see a clip of the show with Gregg playing keyboards in his living room for Dan Rather. My cable provider doesn’t provide AXS I wish they did its a great station. I have no problem paying $2 for good episodes. Thanks for the information and for stopping by my blog Jim.


  2. AXS and Dan Rather have a real good thing going with the Big Interview. Really have enjoyed watching them all, from Ice Cube to Kid Rock to Roger Waters. Hopefully we will have a release of the new Gregg Allman Album soon, been waiting since August of 2016


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