Louder Than Words: Rock, Power and Politics – Newseum

Some members of the general public don’t believe musicians have the right to protest. They just want them to play the music and shut up about politics. Yet any fan can protest should they so choose. Wrong double standard if you ask me.


The protest movement rose out of song and the right to assemble. This exhibit highlights that basic human right.


Check out the Newseum Website for more particulars. Wish I could see this exhibition.




6 Replies to “Louder Than Words: Rock, Power and Politics – Newseum”

  1. Interesting. I’m producing a conference at the newseum on September 12. It’s called the Creators Solidarity Conference and will bring together filmmakers, musicians, authors and photographers to discuss the challenges they’re facing and how they can work together to bring about change.

    Rock on.

    Will Buckley Sent from my iPhone


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    I love the power of rock to change attitudes about patriotism, peace, equality and freedom.

    A love song so divine
    Would it be enough for your cheating heart
    If I broke down and cried? If I cried?
    I said I know it’s only rock ‘n roll but I like it
    I know it’s only rock ‘n roll but I like it, like it, yes, I do
    Oh, well, I like it, I like it, I like it

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