The times I have seen Yes live

My love of Yes and progressive rock me has been flourishing. Tomorrow night I have tickets to see Anderson, Rabin, and Wakeman. A concert I have been anticipating for months. In the music of our heart this is Yes.

I have been reflecting on the Yes concerts I have attended in the past.  I first heard Yes with The Yes Album in 1970 in the college student lounge. I did not see Yes live until 2001 at the Oakdale Theater in Wallingford, CT. It was the Yes Symphonic Live when Yes toured with a full symphony performing with them. That was also the first time I heard prog rock and symphony combined. It was superb. They were promoting the studio album Magnification which I have a warm affection for today.

Yes Symphonic Live was released on DVD in 2003. I like when artists capture performances I have seen on video. I have this DVD in my music video collection. It helps to recall the concert I witnessed in 2001.

The next time I saw Yes was in May of 2004 at Mohegan Sun Casino Arena. Little did I realize it was one of the last opportunities to see the classic line-up of Jon Anderson, Steve Howe, Chris Squire, Rick Wakeman and Alan White.. Roger Dean designed an undersea stage setting for Yes’s 35th Anniversary Tour.

As it so happens Yes decided to film and record a concert with the original Yes team a few nights later in Lowell, Mass.

Soon I will see Yes for the third time live. Can you feel the excitement? Rick Wakeman stated that ARW will be recorded (filmed?) live on the US tour. Maybe the Wallingford stop will part of that future recording. Going for the One!

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  1. I can feel your warmth and excitement! The last time I saw them together was also 2004 in Los Angeles. I’ll hopefully see ARW next month. There is something magical about them yet I still cant figure out how they capture me Have a wonderful night tomorrow. Say hello to them. They are very approachable and considerate. Luv your blog! Carol Oday

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    1. I’m getting goosebumps here, Carol. So kind of you to write. I meant to meet with Jon and Rick for my blog but my new job has kept me so busy I couldn’t get that accomplished. I am thankful you like the blog. I intend to peruse your blog in depth soon! Peace, Ed

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  2. I saw Yes exactly once in NYC in either 1970 or ’70. This is a distant memory but I think it was a late show, maybe Carnegie Hall. I can find a record of them having played in NYC in late ’71 so I’ll go with that. They would have been playing behind either The Yes Album or Fragile. Great stuff. They (or what remains of them) were in town recently but I haven’t been following them as closely as I once did.

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