Apple Music – The 411 with Mary J. Blige

I keep changing cloud music solutions in my search for value entertainment. This search has led me to Apple Music. If I ever get a new smart phone, it will be an iPhone 7 or 8 because the audio experience is finally to my satisfaction. I’m eager to listen to an iPhone 7 directly through its dual stereo speaker system. I hope it can meet my sonic expectations. I’ll leave the iPhone 7 wireless music discussion for another time 😉

I am more supportive of Apple Music because I believe they artist remuneration in mind. They have not published their artist royalty rate to the best of my knowledge (I have been searching for that data.) Tidal was the cloud music service that was paying the highest amount to artists. I struggled with their platform and $19.99 became too expensive for me. I have the Apple Music family plan and its $5 a month for the service.

Anyway this blog post is about the new Beats 1 Radio Show on Apple Music, The 411 with Mary J. Blige. The debut video broadcast is Mary J. Blige interviewing Secretary Hillary Clinton.


As an Apple Music subscriber and a person voting for Hillary Clinton this November I am thankful to gain this additional insight. Beats 1 widens the scope of its programming capability. I like the added value Apple Music is delivering.


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