U2ie Live in Paris

I was once a very intense U2 fan. I couldn’t wait to see them perform live. When I did see them live in concert 15 years ago they rejuvenated my interest in attending live music performances.

But soon after I saw them live for the third time at the 25th Rock and Roll Hall of Fame  concert on October 30th, 2009 my interest peaked.

I’ve had a difficult time jump starting my enthusiasm for a great rock quartet.

Hopefully my passion for U2 can be restored with the U2ie Live in Paris CD/DVD package. U2 has always been at the center of activism in the world and that matters a great deal to me.

I am especially taken with the fact that U2 was joined in concert by Patti Smith  and The Eagles of Death Metal to sing, “People Have The Power”.

Planning to buy the Blu-Ray edition….



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