Stick It! My Life of Sex, Drums and Rock ‘n’ Roll by Carmine Appice

He ran with teenage gangs in Brooklyn before becoming a global rock star in the Summer of Love. He was managed by the mob, hung with Hendrix, trashed thousands of hotel rooms, unwittingly paid for an unknown Led Zeppelin to support him on tour, taught John Bonham (as well as Fred Astaire) a thing or two about drumming, and took part in Zeppelin’s infamous deflowering of a groupie with a mud shark. After enrolling in Rod Stewart’s Sex Police, he hung out with Kojak, accidentally shared a house with Prince, became blood brothers with Ozzy Osbourne, and got fired by Sharon. He formed an all-blond hair metal band, jammed with John McEnroe and Steven Seagal, became a megastar in Japan, got married five times, slept with 4,500 groupies—and, along the way, became a rock legend by single-handedly reinventing hard rock and heavy metal drumming.

Carmine Appice has enjoyed a jaw-dropping rock-and-roll life—and here he is telling his scarcely believable story. Co-written with Ian Gittins, the coauthor with Nikki Sixx of the New York Times bestseller The Heroin Diaries, Stick It! is one of the most extraordinary and outrageous rock-and-roll biographies of our time.

4 Replies to “Stick It! My Life of Sex, Drums and Rock ‘n’ Roll by Carmine Appice”

  1. Not a bad rock ‘n’ roll resume. I really need to check this out, I don’t know much about him.


    1. I have seen Carmine Appice three times live. Once with Cactus a much overlooked hard rock band. They spawned into Beck, Bogert, Appice a cool medium level supergroup. The other two times were with Vanilla Fudge the seminal late 60’s rock band from Long Island. It amazes me that he educated and influenced John Bonham from Led Zeppelin who opened for Vanilla Fudge in the day.

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  2. I really like Beck, Bogert and Appice’s studio album. I have a couple of the tunes from it on my iPod to this day. As to the book, I confess I’m tired of the “look at all the sex and drugs I had” tell-alls. Good for you, pal. I think I need more than that to compel me to read it.

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