Michael Shrieve’s Spellbinder is Pure Delight

Michael Shrieve’s Spellbinder

Featuring: Joe Doria (Hammond B3), Farko Dusomov (Bass), John Fricke (Trumpet), Danny Godinez (Guitars), and Michael Shrieve (Drums)

Label: Colorburst SoundfieldTotal Length: 54:34

Michael Shrieve’s Spellbinder is a delightful instrumental album . It grabs your attention immediately with the fast paced opening track, “Pop Raladrao”.

Michael Shrieve

Spellbinder’s cohesive experimental latin jazz forms a symbiotic relationship with the listener. Your musical tastebuds will acquire abundant sensory pleasure. Then be prepared to be transported to an expansive audio gallery.

Joe Doria
Danny Godinez






I enjoy the democratic balance each musician contributes as they take their logical turn weaving a well-constructed audio tapestry.

The band echoes the  Miles Davis Electric period at times (“Bridge The Gap”). I hear strong references to Stuff (“I Don’t Believe You”) a New York City-based jazz-funk band active in the late 1970s and early 1980s.

But make no mistake about how Spellbinder has branded its own unique sound. We had the good fortune six years ago to witness Spellbinder live at a club, ToST in the Fremont neighborhood of Seattle, Washington. I was impressed that night with how tight and rhythmic the band played. The maturity that Spellbinder evidences since is well-established throughout the eleven tracks.

Farko Dosumov

If you love jazz-fusion or any form of experimental jazz you owe it yourself to add  Michael Shrieve’s Spellbinder to your collection.

John Fricke







  1. Pop Raladrao
  2. One
  3. Renewal
  4. Darkside
  5. Deliverance
  6. Trilioini
  7. 1902
  8. I Don’t Believe You
  9. Grump
  10. Market
  11. Bridge The Gap

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