Momentum Builds for the Anderson, Rabin, Wakeman Project

Momentum builds for Yes fans as news circulates on Facebook Fan Pages and discussion forums about the eventuality of an ARW music project which features Jon Anderson, Rick Wakeman and Trevor Rabin.

Courtesy of Janet Lynne Mocarsky

As a Yes fan, this is the nucleus I am most eager to assimilate. Call me a purist but I prefer Jon Anderson’s signature vocals set against a richly laden progressive rock backdrop.

Unofficial logo, fan design (Creds to Ben Metcalf, Winston Arntz)

All three artists have shared tidbits about the ARW project through their Websites. There will be a brand new ARW studio album later this year. A U.S. tour projected to begin in October (U.K./Europe, February/March 2017). An announcement about the tour logistics and hopefully more published soon.

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