Julian Lage Trio – Arclight

I received this e-mail from Julian Lage tonight. In a word, “awesome sauce.”


Hello All and Happy 2016!

It is with great joy that today we are able to announce the upcoming release of Arclight (Due on March 11th), the debut recording of my trio. This record features two of my dearest friends and cohorts, Scott Colley on bass and Kenny Wollesen on drums, percussion, and vibraphone. Arclight was produced by one of my favorite people and all around badass, singer-songwriter and guitarist, Jesse Harris.

We recorded this album over the course of three days last spring with the intent of documenting a collection of original music as well as a few covers from the pre-bebop era. These covers were songs I fell in love with from the American Songbook that may have been a little left of center from the jazz norm of the 1920s and 30s. In a weird way, it feels like we share so many things in common today with the kind of music being played during the last turn of the 20th century: this kind of convergence of folk traditions with modern explorations, all arranged in relatively short pieces of music. Almost like miniature orchestral events. Additionally, being the guitar nerd that I am, no instrument makes more sense for celebrating these qualities than the electric guitar: a telecaster through an old tweed amp.

We are beyond excited to share this music with you and can not wait bring this project to a town near you soon! – Julian Lage

Nocturne,” one of the tracks off his forthcoming album, Arclight, on Mack Avenue Records.

The Julian Lage Trio will be performing at The Fairfield Theatre Company, Stage One on Friday May 6, 2016.

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