Barnes & Noble Vinyl Initiative

While shopping yesterday in the Barnes & Noble store in Westport, Connecticut, I noticed their associated marketing effort with the vinyl LP resurgence. This is a return volley to Amazon’s Vinyl Store.

The Barnes & Noble entertainment department featured a wall of vinyl along with a centerpiece display. This produces a dramatic effect versus the slapped together vinyl island I typically see in the middle of the Milford, CT store.

I also learned (posthumously) that Barnes & Noble held Vinyl Day twice in 2015. Once on July 25th and again on November 21st, the week before Record Store Day.


Definitive Album Reviews by Uncut Magazine
Especially published a free sample issue for Barnes & Noble customers on Vinyl Day, Uncut Magazine (my favorite music magazine) presented a list of Definitive Album Reviews of amazing musical content ranging from bestselling favorites like the Beatles to exciting new releases from New Order.

The issue features an exclusive interview with Sir Paul McCartney that you are going to want to read.

Uncut Magazine’s Definitive Album Reviews is a must-read for great vinyl gifting ideas. You might find extra issues still on display in your local Barnes & Noble as I did yesterday 🙂


Shop Barnes & Noble and for vinyl, turntables, and more at

I look forward to learning more about Barnes & Noble Vinyl Day(s) 2016.


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