The 100 Greatest Vinyl Records of All Time

I happened upon this bookazine in of all places, the grocery store. It is part of a music magazine rebirth by Bob Guccione Jr. He gave us SPIN Magazine 30 years ago.


The bookazine was published by Engaged Media Inc. Bob Guccione Jr. serves as the Editor. The primary author is Liza Lentini (a new music journalism source  for me).  The contributing writer is Malena Jaime.

I was eager to understand the criteria the publishing team used to make their determination about this 100. They set the cutoff at 1991 the last year of significant vinyl sales (before the vinyl resurgence these past few years).

My next analysis was to uncover how many of the 100 albums I own which turned out to be almost 2/3rds or 65%.  Not too shabby 😉

So if you are wondering about your vinyl collection, you might enjoy picking up a copy of this bookazine.

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