ArtistShare Is Widening Its Brand with Fan Funded

I am a very active patron of the arts. I supported ArtistShare before I participated on Kickstarter, Pledge Music and Indiegogo. My fan funding experience started with Maria Schneider’s Sky Blue project in 2007. I continue to support Maria Schneider’s compositions to this day.

Eight years since I discovered ArtistShare fan funding, crowd funding has firmly established itself as the preferred model for financing projects.


It’s great to see artistShare increasing its brand. ArtistShare® – First in Fan Funding ®, Powered by Fan Funded ®. I registered with Fan Funded to learn more about the revised strategy.

I will follow up with more details my attentive readers when Fan Funded updates everyone.


3 Replies to “ArtistShare Is Widening Its Brand with Fan Funded”

  1. I appreciate this. This is a great way of giving a budding talent, without necessary initial personal funding, the medium to reach the world. I am interested in the updates, please keep them coming as new exciting things happen.

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