Emerson, Lake & Palmer – Once Upon A Time Live In South America (Live Version)

I’ve always wanted to see Emerson, Lake & Palmer live in concert. The closest I have ever come to that reality was to see Keith Emerson and Greg Lake in concert at The Ridgefield Playhouse in May of 2010. I have also been fortunate to see The Carl Palmer Band and The Keith Emerson Band one week apart at Toads Place in New Haven. So if you push all those performances together you get ELP 😉

The next best thing though has occurred, Emerson, Lake & Palmer have released a new live recording, Once Upon A Time In South America (Live Version). This live four CD set contains 43 tracks and measures in at 4 Hours and 46 mins of fantastic prog rock from the ELP legends.

I am playing it in high fidelity via TIDAL HiFi wirelessly over Google Chromecast through my Sony Blu Ray 7.1 Home Theater.

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