Dance Me This – Frank Zappa’s 100th and LAST Album

I got an e-mail from the Frank Zappa Trust on April 1st. Most fitting, don’t you think 😉

Dear People of Earth,

From the WHEN of Ever, we are pleased to bring you in this 75th year in the Life and Times of FrankZappa, the 100th Album in the Official Discography, Dance Me This. An extreme case of east meets East, this was originally conceived as a Work for modern dance. It is the last title FZ finished in 1993 along withTrance-Fusion; the last chapter in his Master Work, Civilization, Phase III; and of course, The Rage & The Fury, The Music of Edgard Varèse.


gz & the barfies

This is it. #100.
The LAST album by Frank Zappa.
It’s 1993 & YOU ARE HERE!

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