Doobie Brothers – Long Train Running Indeed

There are several classic rock bands from the 70’s still actively touring today. The Doobie Brothers have been performing live for five decades, which is pretty incredible. I recall playing their music in strong rotation when I was a college disk jockey on WNHU-FM 88.7 in 1973/1974.

They are one of this bands that rock steady and have a strong, dedicated fan base. The Doobie Brothers are coming to New Haven, CT on Sunday May 24th to play at the College Street Music Hall. I’d love to see them there, its adjacent and just the right size hall for music.

The College Street Music Hall opens in April. It’s great to have the old Palace Theater restored and back in business as an entertainment venue. I hope it thrives and I plan to support it as a concert goer.

Premier Concerts is the promoter behind the College Street Music Hall venture. I have attended their concerts over the years. It’s not easy making a living in 2015 as a concert promoter. I have to hand it to Premier Concerts, they book some excellent shows in my market.


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