Alabama Shakes Hits Their Groove on SNL

In the great tradition of SNL musical acts putting on some of their best performances “Live” Alabama Shakes adds their name to those hallowed ranks. They were superb this past Saturday night. They performed two songs from their second album, Sound & Color which drops on April  21, 2015. “Gimme All Your Love” and “Don’t Wanna Fight”.

Every time I witness Alabama Shakes they are tighter and more progressive with their sound. I love the energetic feeling I get from their act.

3 Replies to “Alabama Shakes Hits Their Groove on SNL”

  1. Love the Shakes. Haven’t gotten to see them live yet, except on television, hoping they add a D/FW date when they expand the tour. Did see St Paul and the Broken Bones recently and they were excellent.


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