Jethro Tull Windows Exclusive App

As some of you know when I am not writing about music my career has been focused for 34 years in information technology. I have taught software application classes in a distributed network setting for 20 years.

Mobile computing has skyrocketed the past few years. Apps proliferate on Apple’s iPhone (iOS), Android Phone (Lollipop) and Windows Phone (Soon Windows 10 Phone).

Perhaps you have the wish like myself to build a rich content music app for people to enjoy.

The Fustino Brothers with the Microsoft Windows App Studio product has achieved that goal by delivering the first “Endorsed” Jethro Tull Windows App. The Jethro Tull Windows Exclusive App is available for free for Windows Phone and Windows 8.1/10 Technical Preview.

Watch as Russ Fustino demonstrates proudly to Ian Anderson the Jethro Tull App on the Microsoft Surface Pro.

This is a screenshot of the Jethro Tull Windows App that I am using on Windows 10 Technical Preview. I own a MacBook Pro that runs OS/X Yosemite. I use VMWare Fusion as my virtualization environment to isolate and manage the Windows 10 Technical Preview.

The beauty of this solution is how the Windows App delivery platform allows users to create a Universal App for Windows Phone, Tablet or PC.

I plan to teach my students this term how they can create Windows App Studio apps for Windows 8.1 Pro or Windows 10 Technical Preview.

Now all I need to learn next is Xamarin so when I build my music fan Windows App I can port it to Apple and Google Play 😉

I congratulate Fustino Brothers in accomplishing the goal of delivering a quality educational and informative Jethro Tull App. After all, “Nothing Is Easy” until we try and then succeed.

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