Gov’t Mule – Dark Side of the Mule

I find Gov’t Mule one of the most versatile jam bands around. They constantly prove their mettle by performing the music of other bands they admire with a clear intent. I have seen them do many covers and full albums they are totally amazing when they get cranking.

Gov’t Mule just released, Dark Side of the MuleThe 2008 Halloween Show from Boston’s Orpheum Theatre is now available in Deluxe CD/DVD, Double Vinyl, Standard CD and Digital Download versions. Dark Side of the Mule features 90 minutes of Pink Floyd covers and 3 hours of music and video.

Love My Mule!

3 Replies to “Gov’t Mule – Dark Side of the Mule”

  1. Great band performing even greater shows. I’ve had the pleasure of seeing them a few times as well as The Warren Haynes Band. I remember one show well where Gov’t Mule played a Led Zeppelin medley, everyone’s mouths fell wide open for the next 15 It seems like no matter who Warren is playing with or where, it’s always going to be a fantastic performance!


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