ELP’s Brain Salad Surgery – Super Deluxe Edition

The Emerson, Lake and Palmer catalogue has several progressive rock “gold standards”. A highlight of their recording achievements is Brain Salad Surgery which celebrates its 40th+ Anniversary this year. This recording has been given the super deluxe edition remastering and repackaging treatment by Manticore Records and Sony Legacy Recordings UK.

All three members of Emerson, Lake and Palmer have been directly involved in the remastering process. Initial customer reviews are glowingly positive that the sound quality has been drastically improved over past editions.

1. Original album remastered (CD)
2. Alternate album (CD)
3. New stereo versions (CD)
4. Super sonic audio (DVDA)
5. Extra brain salad – documentary/photo gallery (DVD)
6. 180 gram LP original album remastered

Replica poster
20 page 12×12” booklet
Hardcover slipcase and vinyl gatefold

I have always struggled with this recording. It has never measured up to the excitement that builds within me when I hold it in my hands. I find this epic recording, imbalanced. It contains true gems such as “Still You Turn Me On” and “Karn Evil 9 1st Impression, Part 1”. It also has the clunker track, “Benny the Bouncer” which denies the recording masterpiece status.

I love the album graphic art design. The cover of this album has one of the most compelling works of art ever created. The H.R. Giger “Alien” mask is multi-dimensional and layered. It is truly a beguiling science fiction design.


Prog Magazine, Issue 44, “Cerebrum Eruptus!”, Author: Mike Barnes, Copyright 2014, http://www.progrockmag.com

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