Yes – US 2014 Summer Tour

Yesterday I wrote about the forthcoming Yes album, Heaven & Earth. The song “Believe Again” is a delightful track. I must admit I am intrigued to hear and own the other seven tracks. A want to place a pre-sale order is brewing inside the music of our heart. 😉

I learned Yes is conducting a US 2014 Summer Tour. They are scheduled to play the Toyota Oakdale Theatre in Wallingford, Ct., on July 11th. I am getting the itch to see them in concert again*. This time around Yes will be performing two albums in their entirety, Fragile and Close to the Edge followed by an encore of the band’s greatest hits and material off their new studio album, Heaven and Earth. I’m in!

* I have seen Yes twice since the turn of the millennium. The first concert took place at the Oakdale Musical Theatre on September 1, 2001. It was the Magnification Tour complete with a Symphony Orchestra.

The second Yes concert was at Mohegan Sun three years later . This was the Yes 35th Anniversary Tour. Rick Wakeman performed with Yes that night.

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