Father’s Day 2014, A Beautiful Day in the Music of Our Heart

This has been a wonderful Father’s Day 2014. The weather has cooperated marvelously, its Sunny, 76 degrees and there is a slight, cool breeze in the air.

I was very touched to receive from my son, Matthew a meaningful music gift he hand crafted on Spotify. He made my very own Spotify Music Playlist. Matthew has made TODAY playlists on Spotify that I love listening to online.

He surprised me with the image and the psychedelic rock art. I recall the day his Mother took this picture of us on our living room floor.

This is what my son wrote on my Facebook wall today 🙂

#HappyFathersDay to the ORIGINAL music man. to those who don’t know, it’s where all my love for music comes from. The day i learned how to stand, was the same day i learned how to rock! I really couldn’t have done it without the help of Edward David Jennings

So in Honor of #OMJ and Fathers Everywhere who have taught us maybe more than they know. Here’s a little Special playlist to show you where my family comes from. Long Live Rock!


Happy Fathers Day OMJ!

For those of you who don’t know my nickname OMJ stands for Old Man Jennings 🙂

Thank you Matthew it is you who rocks. I am so blessed to share the love, music and memories with you and Mom. I am really proud to be your Father.


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