Just One Drink – Jack White’s Third Lazaretto Track

Jack White has shared out via SoundCloud and Rolling Stone, “Just One Drink”, the latest preview track from his forthcoming album, Lazaretto. 

The composite sketch Lazaretto resonates with a tighter focus now.  I read that many of the Lazaretto tracks were recorded during the 2012 Blunderbuss tour. I readily feel how Lazaretto builds upon Blunderbuss.

However I am not pigeonholing Lazaretto as Blunderbuss II.  I interpret Lazaretto as a separate drinking fountain that satisfies our musical thirst.

The first three tracks “High Ball Stepper“, “Lazaretto“, and “Just One Drink” form a pastiche derived from his two live backing bands, the all-male Buzzards and the all-female Peacocks.

Lazaretto looms large as it enters the glide path to the June 10th touchdown. Now all I have to figure out is how to get to see Jack White live on tour this summer 😉

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