The Raspberries – Power Pop

I saw The Raspberries at the campus center Oak Room at Fairfield University in 1975. I was on the WVOF-FM 88.5 as a Sunday morning disk jockey. The station manager Mick McCullough invited my wife and I to attend both the 8:00 and 10:00 p.m. concerts. Mick had booked the band for the Fairfield U. concert committee.

They were very on that night. They pulled out all the stops and I loved their collective energy. However the Fairfield U. crowd of just a couple of hundred people sat on their hands instead of showing their appreciation. We stood and gave them a much deserved standing ovation. But it just wasn’t enough to counterbalance the indifference that was sitting all around us.

I recall they had a British manager who ripped into the late show audience. He yelled at them saying, “Is that all you have for these guys? They tore their heart out for you”. Alas his urging was to no avail as the the audience remained complacent. The Raspberries manager pulled the plug on the encore and that’s how the concert ended. It wasn’t much later in the year that The Raspberries broke up.

I’m glad I caught them live before they disintegrated. They rocked.  The highlights that evening were three hits by The Raspberries, “Go All The Way“, “I Wanna Be With You” and “Overnite Sensation (Hit Record)”.

The band member who impressed me the most that night was Eric Carmen. He was superb on piano and lead vocals. He also sang his hit single for us, “All By Myself”.

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