Jimi Hendrix Park Foundation’s Day of Giving


Today, April 29, 2014 is the Jimi Hendrix Park Foundation Day of Giving. I have a deep affinity for Jimi Hendrix. I was my honored to give to this worthy cause.


Inspired by the music, life and legacy of our own “West Coast Seattle Boy,” Jimi Hendrix Park will be a unique gathering place for the entire community.

Stand together with local community leaders to help shape the future of Jimi Hendrix Park.

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4 Replies to “Jimi Hendrix Park Foundation’s Day of Giving”

  1. The legend of all Guitarist and i mean he held that mantle for a long time and the only big name i could think of who could take up the exposure mantle in a modern day aspect is Carlos Santana


  2. Although I love thee idea of Mr. Jimi Getting This Park- I do not however get pain in the brain knowing why, who, & what is behind this and their dirty motives! jankie not-a-real-hendrix YOU SHOULD BE ASHAMED OF YOURSELF ONCE AGAIN DUDE! here is a link to a site/blog I do for a hobby! theres no registration and i am not trying to sell anything! THIS LINK GOES TO A STORY IVE BEEN DOING FOR OVER TWO YEARS NOW ONCE I REALIZED THAT Jankie even has The Rolling Stone Magazine In Her Pocket as they have been running stories since 2011 saying the park was open! http://seattlemusicfr33ks.blogspot.com/2014/07/is-it-possible-or-sensible-to-believe.html


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