A Letter Home, ReProduced by Jack White and Neil Young

A Letter Home

I have been waiting for the Neil Young low-fidelity recording, A Letter Home to become available. I anticipated it would be released on Record Store Day 2014. A Letter Home proved to be a low-key, release with silent fanfare. I did not learn about that the recording was made available at a discreet number of Record Store Day locations until today

Thankfully I was able to order a vinyl copy on the Third Man Records Store today. I understand that Third Man Records is backlogged on orders but I am a patient soul when it comes to music 🙂

Third Man Records unearths Neil Young’s A Letter Home. “An unheard collection of rediscovered songs from the past recorded on ancient electro mechanical technology captures and unleashes the essence of something that could have been gone forever…” —Homer Grosvenor

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2 Replies to “A Letter Home, ReProduced by Jack White and Neil Young”

  1. Spin Records are also offering this disc. Personally, I think it will come to be regarded in the same way that Bob Dylan’s 1970 release DYLAN is – a strictly for the fan affair.

    1. Both Dylan and Young have a strong, large fan base. I don’t think it was designed for large volume sales. It’s more of a collectible. It’s reminiscient of Americana which was also very niche. Thanks for your comment.

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