The Last Song on CBS’s Elementary TV Show

I find myself listening intently to the last song played at the end of each Elementary CBS television show. I really enjoy Elementary, it is my favorite evening television show in many decades of television viewing. If I don’t recognize the song that is played I will reach for my iPhone and touch to Shazam Music that track.

Tonight’s episode, “No Lack of Void” (Season 2, Episode #20) featured last song was “Antidote (Studio 82 Remix)” by Mike Koglin. I had to Shazam the track as I never heard the song before tonight’s episode aired. I liked the tongue in cheek of the song title in relationship to the major storyline about the ever-present threat of Anthrax.

The  song that clued me in to how Elementary uses the last song so effectively was Gil Scott-Heron‘s “Me and the Devil” in “M.” (Season 1, Episode 12). There was no doubt that Moriarty was Sherlock’s deeper addiction that he had to defeat.




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