Santana – Treat


“Treat” was the first Santana instrumental to gently enfold inside the music of our heart.


Carlos Santana-Guitar

Greg Rolie-Keyboards

Michael Shrieve-Drums

David Brown-Bass

Michael Carabello-Congas

Jose “Chepito” Areas-Timbales

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2 Replies to “Santana – Treat”

    1. Gregg Rolie is quite talented. I saw Santana in 1970 at the Capitol Theater in Portchester, NY. Gregg was bathed in a red light as he played this song. Neal Schon was with Santana that night. The seeds of Journey were germinating.

      I then saw Gregg with the Gregg Rolie band in 2005 in Hamden. He and the band member signed autographs after the free concert. Great to talk with, very immediate.

      Ringo Starr likes him a lot as he has toured twice now with the All Starr Band.

      I am eager to hear the Santana IV tracks he, Carlos, Michael Shrieve, Michael Carabello and Marcus Malone are writing and recording.


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